Thursday, June 02, 2011

{Minor Project: Animatic v3}

Final version {without sound}

Slowly trudging through animation now >__<

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{Minor Project: Assorted Updates}

Too slow... way too slow >__< And just chatted with another lecturer... and he gave some thoughts about how important it is to set up stories and jokes well or else the punch line won't be effective... also to really think about each character's wants and needs. a lot to think about... wish i had asked sooner >_<"

Animatic v.2

Living Room concept art, Bob (the Biker) Character design.

Monster Gang with Buttons

Monster Gang with Bottle Caps

Monster Gang with Beer Can Tabs

Fleshing out the Monster Gang's personality. Also thinking of giving them an object or symbol that would help them look more gel-ed as a gang and to give Cupcake Monster something tangible to show he is trying to get into the group.