Thursday, June 02, 2011

{Minor Project: Animatic v3}

Final version {without sound}

Slowly trudging through animation now >__<

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

{Minor Project: Assorted Updates}

Too slow... way too slow >__< And just chatted with another lecturer... and he gave some thoughts about how important it is to set up stories and jokes well or else the punch line won't be effective... also to really think about each character's wants and needs. a lot to think about... wish i had asked sooner >_<"

Animatic v.2

Living Room concept art, Bob (the Biker) Character design.

Monster Gang with Buttons

Monster Gang with Bottle Caps

Monster Gang with Beer Can Tabs

Fleshing out the Monster Gang's personality. Also thinking of giving them an object or symbol that would help them look more gel-ed as a gang and to give Cupcake Monster something tangible to show he is trying to get into the group.

Friday, May 20, 2011

{MINOR PROJECT: Animatic V1}

Ending needs tweeking but overall am pleased with it... All I need to figure out now is how to complete this project @u@"

Monday, May 16, 2011

{Most Awkward Get Away Driver Ever}

Great piece of writing and acting >u<

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{MINOR PROJECT: "The Initiation" MoodBoard v.1}


Less than a week to our Minor Project pitch. Take a deep breath and don't panic.
Work systematically and with focus... >n< ganbatte everyone who's working hard!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

{The Anxiety Machine}

Created by artist Nemo Gould in a time of uncertainty.
It's watching you...

{The Tell Tale Heart}

Monday, May 09, 2011

{Some things MUST be shared.}

Fantastic example of how loops can be developed creatively and unexpectedly and how awesome it is to animate to music! I dare you not to dance to the beat >u<

Dynamic and intriguing animation using only one camera angle.

My favourite story from this anthology of short films. A strange and haunting story. Thoughtfully design world.
{Minor Project: Update & References}

Wahaha! Excited! My Minor Project Story is more or less set. \(TTuTT)/
(Finally... I think this is the time... this'll be the project that will hopefully make up for my screw-up back in BAM all those years ago...)
Need to get more feedback from Kate & Chris about details of script,
but I think the core idea is fixed and good (which gives me a great deal of relief and direction!)
(Thank you, God, for your little prompts and creativity about story ideas even when I was struggling to have motivation to work thru the weekend. And thank you, Chris, for the insightful sprinkling of suggestions that add more dimensions to the characters and story!)

Have to power through the next few days now to complete:

  1. One Sentence Synopsis (complete)
  2. Script (v.1 complete)
  3. Moodboard (v.1 complete)
  4. Style Guide
  5. Colour keys/breakdown
  6. Visual Development & Concept Artwork (working)
  7. Production Artwork (Layout)
  8. Model Sheets
  9. Storyboards
  10. Story Reel (Animatic with sound)
  11. Production Technique Summary (And hopefully a Test animation)

Which is still quite a lot of stuff, but I don't feel too worried right now because the idea is there.
Nya \(>u<)/ Sure hope I got what it takes to make this work! O3O"

{Limited Animation References}



Jantze Studios

Frank Rause, Rhode Island School of Design, 1999
so... so strange... o___o

Thursday, May 05, 2011

{COLLAB PROJECT: Occipital Chamber Design}

IT was really interesting designing this part of our brain maze~ hurhur... >u< The Occipital Lobe is responsible for processing visual information and also the part where dreams come from. That's right up my alley~ I enjoyed taking the imagery suggested by Laura earlier on and going somewhat nuts with it. I especially like the eyeballs floating around here and there and the Dream Silhouettes that appear.

I saw part of the 3D room the Production Team has created and am really impressed by what they've done! It's really cool to see concept art brought to life! I can't wait to see what the entire project will look like in the end! >u< It's really exciting and am seriously appreciative of everyone's hard work and the part each person plays in a big production.
Ganbatte ne, everyone! \(>u<)/


Functional State: Room is filled with TV screens, flashing short bursts of random images and animation. Room is also covered in Film Reels, Film Strips and Eyeballs. Air is filled with a jumble of sound bytes of news programs and other shows.


Dysfunctional State: No images on screen, just static. Nightmarish Silhouette creatures appear and block the Player's way. A low, unsettling drone fills the air. Static and eerie circus music emit from the TV screens and Clown Silhouettes.


Entrance & Exit to Occipital Lobe


Collectable Items:
Green Diamond - Fast Object
Red Sphere - Slow Object
Purple Star - Mystery Object that triggers Dysfunction Mode in Tunnels/Chambers


Examples of Collectable Item Placement
Chatting about Minor Project ideas with Ariel, Meredith and Jin yields sharing of interesting animation references >u<

{The Old Lady and the Pidgeons.}

{The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello}

{A Series of Unfortunate Events: Ending Credits}

{MINOR Concept Sketch: Cute Monster Story Arc}

he... he looks like a cupcake.

Basic Storyline:

Big Burly TV-watching Man completely unaware of monster and is devoid of imagination + Cute Little Harmless Looking Monster who needs to prove that he's as tough as the other Monsters in the gang or get rejected/killed/eaten + Gang Leader Monster looks disturbingly thin and harsh and is watching the Cute Monster like a snake, waiting for him to screw up. + Gang Member Monsters who cheer or mock or dismiss Cute Monster
{MINOR Monster Doodle}


Looks like how I feel sometimes.
Trying to figure my monster story out...
I've got a basic structure or framework...
but I need to work on the relationships between my characters...
Man and Monster... Monster and Monster 'Boss'
And find an angle/focus that I want to care a lot about...
enough to tell a good story... Keep asking self... What If...

Busy Man with impending deadline + Neglected Monster craving attention or else he'll fade away like a distant memory

Busy Man completely unaware of monster + Traditional Scary Monster who wants to do things by the book and can't have it that the Busy Man is working to ridiculous hours of the night. They argue and fight (like a couple). End up going for Relationship Counselling to figure out how to deal with their problems.

Sleeping Man completely unaware of monster + Unconfident Monster who has to prove himself to his Superior Monster or get rejected/fired/dead + Superior Monster who is highly critical and devoid of any compassion is getting ready to reject/fire/kill Monster.

Sleeping/Working Man + Unconfident Monster auditions for "Monster Idol" and wants to win the competition, prove he is not a loser and gain his confidence back + Judge & Tester Monsters who are difficult to please and are very critical and enjoy putting contestants down + Monster's Best Friend and Agent who gives him good/bad ideas of how to win the Judges over.

Bored TV-watching Man completely unaware of monster and is devoid of imagination + Cute Little Harmless Looking Monster who needs to prove that he's as tough as the other Monsters in the gang or get rejected/killed/eaten + Gang Leader Monster looks disturbingly thin and harsh and is watching the Cute Monster like a snake, waiting for him to screw up. + Gang Member Monsters who cheer or mock or dismiss Cute Monster

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

by Lukas Vojir

Little interactive monsters and creatures created using Processing coding :3

Sunday, May 01, 2011


Environmental storytelling, evocative space, embedded narrative, information, hidden, reveal, obscure, mystery, immersion, exploration, personality, atmosphere, mood, style


Spaces or Environment are an essential element in any animated or interactive work. It sets context, mood, atmosphere, style, scale and time for a piece of work. It quickly tells stories about a person, communicate a world of information about a Character's personality, quirks, attitudes and relationships to the viewers or players in a short amount of time. It can be used to reveal or hide information from the Viewer. And especially in Interactives, space can be fully utilized to immerse a Player in a world, challenge a Player, allow a Player to challenge or interact with other Players, or allow a Player to exercise their creative and constructive abilities.

Without a thoughtfully designed space, there is little context for which a character or player exists, leaving the audience disengaged. A well defined space draws the audience into the work, allowing them to suspend disbelief, set aside the real world and completely involve themselves in the work presented.

Some interesting Linear examples would be the animated adaptation of Peter Beagle's “The Last Unicorn”, Jim Henson's “The Dark Crystal”, “Labyrinth” and cyberpunk manga by Tsutomu Nihei “BLAME!”. Interactive examples would be Doug TenNapel's “The Neverhood”, “Machinarium”, “Samorost 2” and American McGee's “Alice”.


For Linear Pieces, create a space that would inform your audience about a Character, without blatantly showing the figurative character itself. The character may move around and exist in the space, but is not to be the centre of attention. You may also choose to have the character absent. The space and objects within should reveal to your audience who the character is, what he does, and ultimately a particular desperate, surprising or shocking struggle he is facing.

Utilise lighting, diegetic and non-diegetic sound, colour, framing and timing to bring across your ideas.

For Interactive pieces, create a space (perhaps a room) that allows a Player to explore and work out for themselves who the absent character is. You may think about creating a hidden, secret place that reveals the sinister or astonishing truth behind the character.


You may use any media of your choosing.

Linear submissions

Format: Quicktime

Frame Rate: 25 fps

Resolution: 1280 x 720

Audio: stereo, 44.100 kHz

Interactive submissions

Format: Dependent on your chosen media.

Resolution: 1280 x 720 (preferably)


Works are to be submitted to the AIM SERVER along with a completed RMIT Submission Form.

Naming Convention: StudentNumber_Name_Title

Submission Date: 27 APRIL 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

{Time Loop: Red Ball}

This looping exercise was based on a terrifying dream I had when i was a child.

The original idea is that the red Billiard ball is so incredibly tiny that you can grasp it between your fingers. And At THE SAME TIME, it is unimaginably huge that it towers over you, engulfing you entirely with its' overwhelming bigness. When you grasp it between your fingers, you are so terrified because you are aware that the thing you think you are holding in between your fingers is in essence completely beyond your understanding...
I'm sad to say I wasn't able to get the full effect of the dream down.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

(Script & Storyboard: Hairfall}

Time assignment. Not sure how i feel about the end result of this assignment. not my brightest hour in creative staging and use of time... and it became (needlessly?) longer than i originally intended, creating much grief and unwise usage of time... TT___TT there will be... better days... just glad it is done...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{Phootshop Painting}


Needed to do something other than homework... just for a little while....
Painting over an old unfinished sketch.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

{COLLAB PROJECT: concept art}

There was a shift in ideas, and now we were focusing on a fly-through exploration game thru the brain. This is an initial, quick working of my part, the Occipital Lobe (with functional and dysfunctional mode) and the game's Avatar.

my painting needs work...

Monday, April 18, 2011

{COLLAB PROJECT: In Camera sketches}


Concept Sketches made based on first idea we agreed on. Sketches were to be used as part of a presentation and discussion with Execs, Director & Producers & other Leads.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

{Gotye: Heart's A Mess}

Just wanted to share this. It's a beautiful song with equally beautiful animation to match...
{more writing later}

Saturday, April 16, 2011

{UNITY3D Room Project: The Tea Room}

Room Requirements:
2 texture
1 background sound
1 triggered sound
1 teleport (to another place or next room)
a creative design

The Tea Room 01The Tea Room 02The Tea Room 03The Tea Room 04The Tea Room 05The Tea Room 06The Tea Room 07The Tea Room 08The Tea Room 09The Tea Room 10The Tea Room 11The Tea Room 12The Tea Room 13

Inspired by American McGee's Alice
best game I never finished playing... brr...

would have been so cool if I could get those clock hands to turn...

Friday, April 15, 2011

{COLLAB PROJECT: Brainstorm}


Some loose scribbling of ideas. It was quite difficult to get ideas out at first. I feel I don't sound particularly sophisticated in my thinking (I'm not an academic person) and the feeling of 'this is not a good enough' idea loomed constantly. But after forcefully shoving that thought away, not caring about what criticism might come, I got these little thoughts out on paper and didn't worry too much about the outcome. After all... this is a group project. The coming up of ideas is not dependent on just one person. Anyway, like we've been told before: Ideas are cheap. We can have them in abundance. We should be encouraging ideas out of each other at this stage anyway, not squishing them down just because they don't sound absolutely fantastic : )

Thursday, April 14, 2011

{Form & Image}

First Version had an interesting effect with the movie clips continuously animating at low opacity in the background. But because they did not automatically remove themselves from the stage, it caused the whole application to lag. Which was quite disappointing because I like the liquidy, boiling effect that was created. I wonder if there is a way to make it work...

Second Version was created with much help from Simon. Thank you Simon!
It works so smoothly now!

1) I quite like the result of this exercise, though it felt like a strange assignment to do. Feels meditative to me. I enjoy watching the gentle flurry of spinning petals...

2) It was created with 1 photoshop scribble of a flower I did and actionscript from a tutorial website.

3) Words are kind of leaving me as I try to describe what I think about it. Scripting/Coding/Procedural Animation is definitely something that would take me a time to understand or know how to use effectively. Saw other students' work (made with After Effects and possibly Maya) that just blew me away. Knowledge really is power. It is crippling if you have an idea but don't have the capability to do what you want.

Crippling also if you don't have a solid idea to begin with and just pull something out of the air. I felt I should have thought more deeply about this assignment in terms of environment like Chris suggested before >_< Ah... I shouldn't have worried so much about the coding... It is important of course. But I should have thought more extensively about the idea first and then work out the technical aspects and ask people more knowledgable than I...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{MINOR: workings}


Talked with Chris and Kate about current Monster idea... Monster tries to scare Man. Man is frantically trying to finish his work by the deadline. Monster needs to successfully scare the man for some reason (it's always been done! But now the man is upsetting the status quo) (Monster needs to do this or else it is his butt on the line!). The story looks at how the Monster finds all ways and means to get the Man's attention, becoming more desperate as he goes along.

My basic framework seems to be there, but need to work out a better twist in the ending... And also seriously explore alternative relationships particularly pertaining to the Monster itself. The relationship may not need to be Monster & Man... but could be shifted to the relationship between the Monster and a larger fiercer Monster (who could be his boss or something.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

At this present time... while I know almost nothing about coding except the fact that you can do extraordinary things with it... I greatly appreciate experts who can create great beauty with it and invoke strong emotional response :3 Inspiring~<3

Room Test 01
Room Test 02Room Test 03Room Test 04

Original concept involved teacups, spoons and piepans...


Need to keep working on it... ~(>n<)~
Don't have Maya at home.. so can't model anything over the weekend... XP Just had to use primitive objects provided in Unity to make things... Maybe it's enough for now...
{Storyboarding Assignment: The Shopping Strip}


Director's Statement:

This work explores the tense and hidden emotional world of an elderly couple, amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy shopping strip. On the surface, we see the Wife's kindness and concern for bums and beggars as well as the Husband's clear disapproval of them. We are initially led to believe that the husband is miserly and uncompassionate. But as the story unfolds, we move deeper into the Husband and Wife's relationship, and partially discover a deeper more tragic reason for their behavior. There is also a chance of redemption where the Husband must decide what is more important to him: The healing of relationships or his own pride.

I am fascinated by this story because, while it may appear to be simple, there are layers of relationships that are gradually revealed to us until the last, most critical moment where an important relationship is hinted at but remains largely a mystery. The idea of information being hidden or out of reach is very strong, and that really ignites the audience's curiosity and sympathy for the characters. Revelation of the dynamics of relationships will come out directly through dialogue and action, and indirectly through silent looks, facial expressions, pauses and even the environment. The overall look would have a cartoony, stylized look where people have distinctive, easy to read shapes and faces. It would be akin to the french animation style of The Triplets of Belleville. This film would be made for an adult audience who can comprehend the subtlety of the story.

In Act 1, we are introduced to the characters and the world. Normal camera angles and ambient sounds give us a clear idea of the energetic and “everyday” consumer world. Everyone is preoccupied with shopping. There is a sense that everything seems all right. When we're introduced to the Husband, Wife and Beggar, camera angles become tighter, more personal, bringing you into closer encounter with them.

In Act 2, the camera angles will gradually build up to more dynamic, tilted and close up shots as we are confronted by the secret that the couple knows but are not talking about. Sounds of the outside world become more muffled and far away while smaller, more personal sounds are accentuated (e.g. sounds of teacups). Internal sounds (breathing, heartbeats) come in to describe the characters' internal struggles. A wider camera angle also shows the couple in relation to their surrounding world. While the couple's inner world is rocking, the outer world is oblivious to their turmoil. The sound of a plate crashing signifies a crucial confrontational moment for the couple, but is in fact just a small inconsequential event of passing interest to the people surrounding them.

In Act 3, the camera pulls out showing us the bleak end of the couple's encounter. It also telling us that we are coming to the end of our time in this couple's lives. As the camera pulls out of the shop, the couple will carry on wrestling with their problems, but we are no longer privy to what will happen. We can only guess. Sounds and camera angles revert back to the norm as in Act 1, and the audience is left with the knowledge that while we've just experienced something very intense and important to the couple (and perhaps now to us), the event has very little effect on the larger world that they are in. The world still carries on buying and selling, and the beggars still exist in the shadows.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

{Late Night Doodle}

Why are you so cold...?

"Man down! We have a man down! What the hell are you doing, kid??"

"But he's--"

"You three, get him out of here! We're too near the fight! Move your asses before they come back!"

+ + +

Was trying to concentrate on Unity last night and felt a bit stupid after awhile. Doodled my babies Ohm & Squid before going to bed. Just had to vent a little. X___X" Augh... go slow... don't rush... will get 3D eventually...

Also, scripting. Augh.....
{MINOR: Scrabblings}


Saturday, April 09, 2011


Was looking for examples of generative images and animation created using Actionscript, and came across this guy. (=n=)


\(O___O)/ How in the world does this even happen?? It is impressive... I wonder what kind of coding is behind these images...

zebra.01 detail
Hunters & Gatherers {Jeremy Parker}

This week's guest speaker was the head honcho of AIM, J.J. Parker. He was expertly introduced by Lahta and I shan't say more because I can't remember all the details... although it had something to do with backwards ears and piggies...

Things we were introduced to think about...

Are you willing to experiment with different software/game engines to push boundaries and create new, beautiful things? And how does one do meaningful and creative video editing?

How much time are you willing to hold a moment to let you character do her thinking?

A short film created by a mysterious AIM Alumini & Jeremy. It is almost ready and looks fantastic!

And always remember... that whatever idea you're thinking of RIGHT NOW for your Major/Minor project: It's TOO BIG. CUT IT DOWN. Like... in HALF.

Concept Development {Agents & Behaviour}

T.P. (Agents & Behaviour) from Lindy Lou on Vimeo.

We were tasked to create a simple and preferably non-figurative character for this project and put it into a simple situation e.g. waiting for the mail, putting on some shoes. The animation didn't have to be long, but it did have to show the character's personality as clearly as possible.

I wonder how successful I was at it. I know I have a long way to go to create more mature and thoughtful animation... I've realised over a long time that I had a problem with the Timing and Posing of my characters. It looks 'regular' somehow and I feel I've not pushed it far enough to really get to the essence of the characters. Sometimes I wonder if I'm afraid to... It is something that I would need to really figure out.

Anyhoo, This took maybe... 3 days to do. If I started this assignment EARLIER, I would have had time enough to clean it up and make it presentable. Another thing I shall improve on is Discipline. I'll have to find another time to clean it up proper. I've had too much unfinished work in my life... It is becoming a bit sad. =___="

We'll learn as we go along...