Saturday, April 09, 2011


Was looking for examples of generative images and animation created using Actionscript, and came across this guy. (=n=)


\(O___O)/ How in the world does this even happen?? It is impressive... I wonder what kind of coding is behind these images...

zebra.01 detail
Hunters & Gatherers {Jeremy Parker}

This week's guest speaker was the head honcho of AIM, J.J. Parker. He was expertly introduced by Lahta and I shan't say more because I can't remember all the details... although it had something to do with backwards ears and piggies...

Things we were introduced to think about...

Are you willing to experiment with different software/game engines to push boundaries and create new, beautiful things? And how does one do meaningful and creative video editing?

How much time are you willing to hold a moment to let you character do her thinking?

A short film created by a mysterious AIM Alumini & Jeremy. It is almost ready and looks fantastic!

And always remember... that whatever idea you're thinking of RIGHT NOW for your Major/Minor project: It's TOO BIG. CUT IT DOWN. Like... in HALF.

Concept Development {Agents & Behaviour}

T.P. (Agents & Behaviour) from Lindy Lou on Vimeo.

We were tasked to create a simple and preferably non-figurative character for this project and put it into a simple situation e.g. waiting for the mail, putting on some shoes. The animation didn't have to be long, but it did have to show the character's personality as clearly as possible.

I wonder how successful I was at it. I know I have a long way to go to create more mature and thoughtful animation... I've realised over a long time that I had a problem with the Timing and Posing of my characters. It looks 'regular' somehow and I feel I've not pushed it far enough to really get to the essence of the characters. Sometimes I wonder if I'm afraid to... It is something that I would need to really figure out.

Anyhoo, This took maybe... 3 days to do. If I started this assignment EARLIER, I would have had time enough to clean it up and make it presentable. Another thing I shall improve on is Discipline. I'll have to find another time to clean it up proper. I've had too much unfinished work in my life... It is becoming a bit sad. =___="

We'll learn as we go along...