Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{MINOR PROJECT: "The Initiation" MoodBoard v.1}


Less than a week to our Minor Project pitch. Take a deep breath and don't panic.
Work systematically and with focus... >n< ganbatte everyone who's working hard!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

{The Anxiety Machine}

Created by artist Nemo Gould in a time of uncertainty.
It's watching you...

{The Tell Tale Heart}

Monday, May 09, 2011

{Some things MUST be shared.}

Fantastic example of how loops can be developed creatively and unexpectedly and how awesome it is to animate to music! I dare you not to dance to the beat >u<

Dynamic and intriguing animation using only one camera angle.

My favourite story from this anthology of short films. A strange and haunting story. Thoughtfully design world.
{Minor Project: Update & References}

Wahaha! Excited! My Minor Project Story is more or less set. \(TTuTT)/
(Finally... I think this is the time... this'll be the project that will hopefully make up for my screw-up back in BAM all those years ago...)
Need to get more feedback from Kate & Chris about details of script,
but I think the core idea is fixed and good (which gives me a great deal of relief and direction!)
(Thank you, God, for your little prompts and creativity about story ideas even when I was struggling to have motivation to work thru the weekend. And thank you, Chris, for the insightful sprinkling of suggestions that add more dimensions to the characters and story!)

Have to power through the next few days now to complete:

  1. One Sentence Synopsis (complete)
  2. Script (v.1 complete)
  3. Moodboard (v.1 complete)
  4. Style Guide
  5. Colour keys/breakdown
  6. Visual Development & Concept Artwork (working)
  7. Production Artwork (Layout)
  8. Model Sheets
  9. Storyboards
  10. Story Reel (Animatic with sound)
  11. Production Technique Summary (And hopefully a Test animation)

Which is still quite a lot of stuff, but I don't feel too worried right now because the idea is there.
Nya \(>u<)/ Sure hope I got what it takes to make this work! O3O"

{Limited Animation References}



Jantze Studios

Frank Rause, Rhode Island School of Design, 1999
so... so strange... o___o